Darkness Reigns

Darkness Reigns is a wild paranormal horror film from Wild Eye Releasing. Starring Casper Van Dien as himself in this film within a film as the movie takes place on a film set at an abandoned hotel known for it being haunted. We follow the behind the scene film crew on there shoot. As the cameraman starts to hear and see things, not of this earth through his lens. The meet the paranormal adviser who is creepy himself but seems to know more than he is saying. This film has the feel of the sole survivor as well as found footage horror films. The film will be a must-see for the supernatural, paranormal fan which they do very well. Casper last scene in the film is one of the best paranormal ones I’ve seen in a good while. The set and cinematography were done so well adding a layer of uneasiness to the film. Be sure to check it out now on VOD.