The Jurassic Dead Review

The Jurassic Dead takes us to the post-apocalypse world after an emp hits earth send us to the stone age. In reality, the dinosaurs age as two unlikely groups meets up in an abandoned bunker. A group of friends out for a trip crosses paths with a group of some kind of black op operators. With all this being for told by an evil scientist who was blacklisted for his not so legal and ethical theories of re-animation of the dead.

The group of survivors must team up to survive and face not only the infected of a gas but also the re-animated dead T-rex out for blood.


Overall the film is a good story a little campy but its fun. The Jurassic craze is in full effect with the summer blockbuster. This one would kill on the sci-fi channels it’s a unique take to the Apocolypse doomsday however you want to call it. Done in a fun and campy way in B movie style. I love all the video game references they use in this film as well as the cast being all over the place it works so well. Look for it out now on VOD as well in Blu-Ray/Dvd combo  (exclusive to Walmart).