Dap – PAX Indie – Psychedelic/Horror/Cute Action-Adventure

Dap is a top-down action-adventure/horror game about collecting and interacting with cute little

critters called Daps. Set in a lush forest world beset by an alien infection, battle strange

monstrosities, and scavenge for resources while using your Daps to help you along the way.

 Atmospheric 3~ hour single-player adventure

● Collect and rescue cute critters called Daps to battle enemies and solve puzzles

● Traverse a lush, infected environment that turns Daps into monsters

● Meet strange otherworldly creatures and help them find salvation

● Play through a psychedelic & mind-bending story to uncover the truth about the Daps and the


● Accessible difficulty akin to Legend of Zelda

● Grow your garden in the spirit world

● Basic looting + crafting, no menus

● Explore beautiful forests, creepy dungeons, foggy lakes, the spirit world, and more

With influences spanning from The Legend of Zelda, Studio Ghibli, and Phillip K Dick, Dap is

a psychedelic, horrific, cute, and unique take on the top-down action/adventure genre.