Let us talk about a gaming company that delivers on what they have to offer. Cougar gaming has been around since 2008 and started as a power supply, case and cooling company. Since than they have grown without a doubt an amazing following and has started making so much more and at an affordable price.  

COUGAR had an amazing booth when we first walked up. You had so many of their fantastic gaming chairs. You were even allowed to try them out so see which chair is best for you.  Now before you start naming all these gaming companies on who’s gaming chair is better. I will stand by what Cougar has to offer as far as comfort, quality, present-ability and of course the most important, PRICE.  

I was very impressed on their newest addition to their selection of chairs, The Armor Titan Pro and The Armor Titan Pro Royal. I have sat in some pretty high prices gaming chairs before and I will say that I would personally choose Cougar than any other company for gaming chairs. I was very comfortable in all the chairs that they had on display. You were even able to purchase their product on site if you wanted too. The material these use if very close to the high price chairs from different companies. You will not be disappointed 

As well as having chairs they also had keyboards, mice, mouse pad, and even there RGB car charger in boxes and on display.  There most impressive thing that stood out was how much they know about their product. They seemed to love what they do and provide anyone with all the information they had to offer.  

Cougar has to be one of the best gaming gear and accessories company that I have personally ever seen. Having such beautiful products and at affordable cost, what more could you actually ask for? If you have any doubts on their products, whether it is there chairs, headsets, keyboards, and more. You can actually test their products here at in San Antonio, Texas at an Esports lounge called Shenanigans.  


They have practically everything you need to try out the product before buying. As a whole, COUGAR Gaming, I believe, is the future in gaming gear. There slogan is, “Real Gear for Real Gamers”, and I can 100% say that they mean what they say!  



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