PAX South 2020 Tabletop

PAX South 2020 overall was a great experience one of the things that caught my attention the most was their indie tabletop gaming area people flooded over to enjoy the many different tabletop games & accessories that were being showcased as well as on sale. Walking towards the back of the convention center you saw a plethora of gamers at tables enjoying their favorite games in tournaments or even just their new purchases. There were some tabletop games that caught my attention that I got to check out like for instance The Super Show wrestling card game created by SRG Universe where DTS team member John & I got to demo it out where he claimed pinfall over me. The game was designed to replicate everything you could possibly do in wrestling without having to go through a table but instead play at one. Another area I stopped by was origami whale games booth where they were kind enough to tell me about a game they worked on called Danger The Game. The game is a good warm up roleplaying game to get everyone in a fun mood and for those who’ve never role-played a nice starting point to learn.  Not including these two gems, I found the tabletop area also included Wrymwood, Level up dice, Golden Bell Studios, & Dice Dungeons that were all kind enough to talk to us. Overall the PAX 2020 tabletop area was a blast and i can’t wait for 2021 until then keep it here for everything gaming!

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