Coromon Begins Creature Catching on PC, Mac Today; Switch Later this Year From Yunah Smirnov

Coromon, the modern monster taming game from developer TRAGsoft and publisher Freedom Games, begins its epic adventure today on Windows PC and Mac via Steam and Epic Game Store. The Nintendo Switch version will launch later this year to ensure the best possible experience for features like skill-based, cross-platform online matchmaking.
Venture off into the expansive lands of Velua on the search for fierce, yet adorable creatures called Coromon. Assemble an unbeatable squad by capturing and training a diverse variety of Coromon with element types including magic, foul, air, cut, and more. Take on four distinct difficulty modes including built-in, fan-favorite “Nuzlocke” and randomizer options to become the greatest Trainer in the region
Creature Catcher Coromon Sets Off For Adventure On PC, Mac Today
Nintendo Switch Version Takes Delay Debuff, Waiting Turn For Launch Later This Year
Zevenaar, The Netherlands – Mar. 31, 2022 –Coromon, the modern monster taming game from developer TRAGsoft and publisher Freedom Games, begins its epic adventure today on Windows PC and Mac via Steam and Epic Game Store. To ensure the Nintendo Switch version is equipped with the best possible performance stat points, it will launch later this year.
Set foot into an adorable, fantasy world filled with amazing creatures known as Coromon. As a young apprentice Coromon researcher for the technologically advanced Lux Solis organization, explore the diverse region of Velua to catalog hundreds of Coromon and their various forms. In the name of peace and science, put a stop to a nefarious organization’s plans to unleash the destructive power of legendary Coromon Titans.
Journey across six distinct biomes, teeming with life and mystery, stylized by detailed pixel art reminiscent of RPG classics. Discover over 120 Coromon and assemble a squad to battle through puzzling dungeons, frostbitten caverns, and sand-ridden deserts. Customize your Coromon squad with different element types including sand, magic, foul, heavy, air, and cut. Choose exactly how to distribute the stats of each squad member to turn Coromon into sturdy tanks, quick hitters, or something entirely unheard of to fit any style of strategy in skill-based (or casual) matchmaking, cross-platform online multiplayer.
Forge multiple paths of adventure thanks to three open save slots to see what each and every squad combination of Coromon has to offer across four varying difficulty modes. Enjoy a relaxing journey or go hardcore with built-in fan-favorite “Nuzlocke” and randomizer options. Take advantage of extensive character customization to create an adventure-ready Coromon trainer.
“Coromon is our all-in-one take on an industry-defining sub-genre and we really want to make sure we get it right, especially on Nintendo Switch,” said Jochem Pouwels, Founder, TRAGsoft. “As long-time lovers of these games, we have poured years of fellow fan dreams and feedback across the history of monster taming adventures into Coromon. We know it may be disappointing to Nintendo fans to hear that they have to wait a bit longer, but believe us that this move is the best one for creating something that trainers everywhere deserve.”
Coromon comes to Windows PC and Mac via Steam today at 20% off for $15.99 with English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (Simplified) language support. The Nintendo Switch version will follow suit later this year.
To learn more, visit the official site and join the community on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Discord, and search #Coromon on social media.