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Cobra Kai Season 4 Netflix Review

Cobra Kai Season 4 punches you to the core with action, drama and an unexpected ending! I was lured into watching the whole season in one day instead of my usual 3 episode per day. I was hooked hard by the introduction of Terry Silver and his loyal look at Cobra Kai. I watched hard as Johnny and Daniel tried to figure out how to teach their students of each others dojo the right way.

Season 4 provided more questions than answers which eventually will bring up Season 5 but man oh man! This season was fantastic! I won’t spoil much in this review but go and watch it now!

Here is the review:


  • Story
    • This new season was very well written to showcase a new view of Cobra Kai! The show starts off as Daniel and Johnny bringing their Dojo’s together to combat Cobra Kai. They are trying to figure out how to present their different styles to their students. While that is going on, Sensei Kreese finds Terry Silver and cohorts him to come be a sensei again for Cobra Kai. Tory is trying hard to figure out her family life while an unexpected person gives her advice and believes in her. Each character arc grows fantastically in this season including a former cast mate that makes an appearance.
  • Fight Scenes
    • The fight scenes were well done by the cast and showcased an exciting style of Karate. Miguel and Sam utilize new tools that they learned from Johnny Lawrence to help them continue to fight Cobra Kai and help them in their tournament standings.
  • Tory
    • One of the best story arcs this season is from Tory as we learned more from her story and how she wants a better life. With the help of someone unexpected she starts to get the help needed to get better. She has learned to control her anger even with Samantha trying to get her riled up at each moment. When she wins the female All Valley division championship, felt so glad she won as she deserved it.
  • Miyagi Fang
    • This season, Johnny and Daniel needed each other to help against Cobra Kai as well as training their children. Each one needed a bit of each other in order to gain more experience in life. I enjoyed each episode as both turned more like the other when confronted with a situation.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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