When I started playing this game, I did not know what my thoughts were going to be. After giving it a try and dumping some hours into it, I have to save this is a game that will help pass the time.  

When you first enter this futuristic world of Nivalis I was pretty amazed on the world that ION Lands have created. It starts off by introducing our main character Rania. She has been hired on with the company CloudPunk to be able to sustain a living for herself financially. CloudPunk is a delivery service for all high class, low class, or anyone that needs some work done under the table. But the more you start working for the company you start to realize everything is not straight forward with the company.  

The visuals of this game are really nice. It does feel like the future in this game. It introduces AI systems, flying vehicles, and so much more. I really love the nightlife feeling. The coloring of the game is just beautiful and the voice acting is really good. I love the voice of Rania and her interactions with the other characters that you come across. 

As far as gameplay goes, I did happen to receive a copy for the PS4 and I was having a little bit of a difficult time with the controls. Sometimes the right joystick would not recognize if I was trying to Ascend or Descend my vehicle (HOVA). When trying to park, there were times where the vehicle did not recognize that I was trying to land so I would have to fly off and make a small turn around and try again until the game allowed me to park.  

Aside from the gameplay glitches, I really enjoyed the story that was unraveling before my eyes. The story kept bringing me back more and more. I always appreciate story more than gameplay any day. If you can keep my entertained that bring it on. The music was definitely my type of music. I was jamming out whenever I making a delivery but there were times while I was driving to my next destination for some reason the music would just stop and then I would have to listen to the cars just passing by.  

I feel that as a whole this game has so much to give but at the same time does need a little work or patch update to fix some of the issues that I was having while playing. I loved the time that I had with the game and I would love to come back too it more in my spare time because I really want to see where Rania ends up with CloudPunk. If you have a chance, I would give this game a try and take you time check out the world that you are exploring because it is beautiful.