Double Pug Switch Xbox One Review

Double Pug Switch is a game where you have to stop the evil cat from destroying the world. A portal appears and you are flung in there with the cat, various items, the Dr. and of course the chemicals. You have to go through various portals in order to find that cat and stop the cat from using the chemicals. While traversing through each portal, you go through various multi verses. You can switch between your pug and the multi verse pug in the game.

Here is our review:




You are going through the stages and must switch between your pub and multi verse pub. This is very different and unique part in the game. This is just like a puzzle as your must distinguish when you must switch if not you will fall to your death.


Moving character:

Your character, the pug, moves at a fast rate throughout the game. You don’t have control over that and must not get stuck on an object, if so, your dead. This is challenging for me as I had to go through multiple parts of the game over and over and couldn’t get it right the first time.

Save Point:

I just thought they were just a bit too far off while exploring in the game. I at times found out the hardest part of the game is before the save point. This often would drive me mad as I was that close to the save point and couldn’t make it time.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10

Double Pug Switch is one of those games that your going to either hate or love. I enjoy the story of the evil cat that is trying to take over the world and you, the pug, must stop it. I like how different it is with the puzzle part of the game by switching between there pug and multiverse pug. With the constant moving, this game got pretty hard early on as your switching between pugs and trying to make sure you jump high enough to go over an object. I didn’t enjoy how far the save points were as this made it hard to achieve it for the duration of the game. Double Pug Switch is a different type game that it was hard for me but I just want to know if the pug was able to save the world.


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