Chop Chop Film Review

Chop Chop a film by Rony Patel is a film full of secrets and mystery. A killer crosses paths with a young couple with a past. Leading to a night of killing on top of kills and a dip back to a past for one. A knock at the door after dinner starts the mayhem. A killer with powers as he states is trying to the girl as her boyfriend is in the bathroom which is kinda funny.

He comes out to save her and we find out he has a pasted when they don’t call the police. They take the matter into their hands. Not knowing the wild night that laid ahead and more killing. Trying to get rid of the body leads to grave error. Adding a new layer of risk and digging them deeper in the hole.

A wild film from the start one you need to watch uninterrupted to pay attention to it. The looks the couple gives each other is like their speaking to each other with a look. The film is almost like a bad dream but deep down you know it’s real. Be sure to check it out.