Batman: Death In The Family Blu Ray Review

Jason Todd is trained to be the protégé of Batman who will be known as Robin to the masses. Jason is so drawn to the Joker that he wants to catch him as fast as possible. The Joker though is at it again with his manipulation of people’s ideals, personas, and hearts throughout the movie. He is the chaos that envelopes a fist pounding excursion for anyone that pursuits him. Robin wants to stop him which an opportunity arises in a barn where Batman and himself are near. He disregards Batman’s instructions and makes his way to the barn but the Joker is ready for him. After a bloody attack, Robin is left in a room where the blu ray pauses and gives you a few options in the story. Robin Dies, Robin Lives or Batman saves Robin… Whichever choice you make, you will be taken on a wild journey in this interactive movie by Warner Brothers and DC.

In this interactive movie, there are 7 possibly endings that you can choose involving Batman, Robin, The Joker and much more. Every decision will weigh heavily on you as you make that decision for Batman or Robin for certain situations. You will see stories take a 360 on what they are and should be but that decision can alter a destiny. This movie is jam packed with stories that will make comic books yearn for this kind of storyline. I enjoyed watching the film and seeing how things played out from my decisions. I didn’t expect to see the results of how I thought I would save the day for a hero but would curse that other hero with pain beyond the clouds.

DC Fans, Batman Fans, and people that want to be entertained with a story that will flip your ideals upside down, get ahold of this interactive movie and see how your decision impacts a story that goes beyond belief.

The Interactive movie out now at all places including Amazon: