Callen new album “Ghost Reflections” is out now!

“Ghost Reflections” are known as an optical issue that is generally caused by internal light reflections within a camera and lens but only occurs under specific conditions. Ghost reflections are the common theme across this whole album because of the cyclical themes that have carried me through life; self-deprecation, coping, introspection, growth, retrospect, self-love, self-improvement, burn-out, Repetition. The songs are in order from my early days to now. In short, it’s a retrospective comment on all the times I thought I hit rock bottom, and my eyes opened up a little differently.

My ghost reflections are the changes I went through every time a burn out, or a deep pit in my life led me into over-introspection. The changes I made were sometimes reactive in the wrong way, and just noticing that makes life feel all a little messier. I’m being vague right now, but the songs are specific. Bottom line is after so much pain growing up you start to feel like things go right through you, so in a way this is my metamorphosis of a kid into a ghost.

Callen (he/him) is an American singer-songwriter and producer based in Nashville, TN. Originally from Dallas, and growing up in the
bay area of California, Callen’s formative years as an artist consisted of playing drums and writing songs with various alternative
rock, and indie projects regionally and nationally. It wasn’t until breaking a tour with an indie rock group he was drumming for at the
time, that he decided to stay in Nashville where he began releasing music independently under “Callen.”
In 2018, he established himself as a producer with his independent release of “By My Side” getting featured on Trap Nation and
passing one million streams across platforms. The next year, Callen established his voice, becoming a Splice community event
winner for Music Tech Fest with his original song and debut as a vocalist, “Silver & Gold.” Not long after signing a co-publishing
agreement with Bailer Music in Nashville, he had his first major label release pass one million streams as a songwriter and producer
with “Lion’s in the Sky (feat. Bryar) by Vion Konger.” Gaining a new platform with international collaboration curated by Bailer Music,
Callen then released “Critical” in partnership with Vion Konger and Sony Music in the beginning of 2021, which was added to
multiple Spotify editorial playlists the first week of its release. Previously, with the releases of “Grew Up In My Head,” and “What
Could I Do” both getting featured on Sirius XM and several other noteworthy outlets, Callen is finally releasing his first album. The
first of many.