Experience the Flavors of Ichiraku Ramen with the Naruto Shippuden Automatic Rice Cooker

Toynk.com announces an arrival Anime Fans are sure to love! The Naruto Shippuden Automatic Rice Cooker from manufacturer Just Funky features everyone’s favorite ninja Naruto Uzumaki. The decorative red trimming is reminiscent of traditional Japanese patterns and features Naruto dining on a bowl of Ichiraku Ramen noodles. We all know it’s important for ninjas to maintain their strength while mastering their craft!

The Naruto Shippuden Automatic Rice Cooker will have a delicious rice meal ready for you after a long day of performing your ninja duties in minutes. The 24-ounce rice cooker has an easy one-touch operation. Just add the rice and water and turn it on. It really is that easy!

Features a secondary “warm” setting that maintains heat and keeps food at an ideal temperature until you’re ready to chow down. The BPA-free, non-stick cooking bowl removes for easy cleaning. A see-through glass lid allows you to keep an eye on your food as it cooks. You’ll have fluffy, perfect rice in no time.

Create drool-worthy rice dishes inspired by your favorite anime with the Naruto Shippuden Automatic Rice Cooker available here: https://bit.ly/36oBMf0