BoyCoupon Prepares for “Liftoff” On New Single

Los Angeles, CA – BoyCoupon have released their new single, “Liftoff.”  The duo takes musical experimentation to the next frontier on this pulsating indie/electro track. Vivacious vocals traverse the terrain of intricate soundscapes crafted through unparalleled production to take listeners to another world. On the heels of their single, “OHWELL,” this latest offering continues to showcase the duo’s innate ability to create music that pushes the boundaries of genre. “Liftoff” is now available to download and stream worldwide.

The electronic dreamscape “Liftoff” captivates from the very beginning with its uniquely low bass opening and a sample from the original Apollo 11 mission. “‘Liftoff’ establishes itself as a mid-tempo quasi-bedroom-pop tune with jungle percussion before soaring into its infectious, galactic-conquest-themed choruses,” BoyCoupon explains. The track continues to enrapture listeners as they relish in the lush vocals of William Morse that expertly maneuver along the ornate and cosmic beat arranged by Herbie Brewton.  “Liftoff” begs the question: is this an indie/electronic song or the soundtrack to your life? It’s both, and that is the subtle intention behind this single that can be felt from the onset. “Moving into the bridge, the song transforms yet again into a down-tempo ambient soundscape as the immortal words of Carl Sagan chastise the imperialistic nature of the lyrics and the beginnings of a psychedelic guitar solo blossom in the sonic cavern created by Sagan’s prescient musings. In the space created by the end of Sagan’s speech, a distant ‘we have liftoff!’ skyrockets the song back to its original pace with a blazing guitar solo carrying the song to its conclusion,” the duo describe.

BoyCoupon are no strangers to experimenting with different musical tastes and genres. Formed like a phoenix from the ashes of a previous band, longtime friends Brewton and Morse joined forces to create this ethereal single. With their catalog ranging from wistful, bedroom-pop hooks to grimy, fast-paced drum’n’bass sequences to epic waves of cinematic ambiance, no musical stone is left unturned by this virtuous group.

“Liftoff” is now available to stream and download worldwide. To keep up with the genre-lavish duo, follow BoyCoupon on Instagram @_boycoupon.