Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Review

Back four years ago when Bloodstained Ritual of the Night was announced and the Kickstarted was created. The fans of Metroidvania and Koji Igarashi came out and made this game happen. To me, it was worth the wait and is a true testament to the fans wanting another Castlevania game. So Iga made this for us not a full Castlevania game but a spiritual successor to the series. As I dive into this one I filled with the same excitement I got playing SOTN for the first time. The feel and style make it a wonderful descent into Bloodstained Ritual of the Night.

The story of Miriam is she is half human half shardbinder pulling power and much more from the shards she absorbers from the demons she slays. She is after Gebel to stop they promised each other if they lost there humanity they would stop each other. I won’t spoil the storyline which is a good one in my book. The gameplay is great controls feel good the need for shards for specific tasks reminds me of the relics in past games. The stretch goals for this games Kickstarter we reached and gives some much-added value to the game. We can thank the die-hard fans for all the extra content. Adding to the game so much replay value and fun to a game set to be a classic.

As I continue to get deeper into the game I can’t help but feel like a kid again. Even without it being a full-on Castlevania game to me it feels like it is. Iga and 505 Games have done an amazing job and without any day one launch, they were some bugs in the game which have been hot fixed. The wait is over and the Bloodstained is here be sure to pick it up out now on most platforms with Nintendo Switch out on the 25th of June. Bloodstained is a solid 9 in my book.