Audio Design Desk Review

Being around film makers and music producers, I’m able get a look behind the curtain on the things they deal with such as trying to bring a creation to life. They use various programs to get one element ready and then transfer that project to another program to finalize it or switch to another program include more items for that current project. This can be painstakingly time consuming as I notice they can be quite busy with that one project. I notice that as more projects do come in, it can slow down other projects as well or even prevent them from taking additional projects as they have to focus and finish the current one.

Audio Design Desk has come to the rescue for those film makers and music producers to remove that time consuming transfer with¬† a remedy that is incredible. The program brings film making and music creation together to help simplify projects quite fast and easily.¬† We were able to sit down with the design team at Audio Design Desk and watch them in action as they created a scene from a popular movie using fast and precise motions. I was left stunned with how fast they did this project together even though they weren’t in the same room or in the same area. Afterwards, I was given the opportunity to try Audio Design Desk at my Mac at my home to create a project. I don’t want to spoil much in this review but will say this: Get this program! Your content is built faster and easier using this program. Audio Design Desk has so much tools that you will jump in joy as your creativity goes wild! I had visions of adding items to my creation that I didn’t expect to think of. After our review below, be sure to click the link and try the program out for now.

Here is our review:


  • Tutorials
    • With a new program, I am everywhere trying to figure out to use it. Audio Design Desk has a fantastic website full of various tutorials to help get you started. I was astonished on how much you can do with various keystrokes and learning it wasn’t difficult at all.
  • Creating Your Own Soundtrack
    • This is what caught my eye very quick! The program comes with various of beats including sound effects that are used in movies through a ton of different genres. I’m able to make a small hip hop beat but added in creepy wooden steps in the sound track. This freaked me out not, not cause the sound was creepy, but because of fast you can create your own song with ease.
  • Sharing Remotely
    • I feel this is a huge one! With the pandemic causing so much problems, this program utilizes various programs including Vimeo to share between producers, directors, and other behind the scenes people that are working on making a film or song. This is so unique and gives proper feedback for everyone involved!


  • Mac Only
    • I know this isn’t much of a con as I am a Mac owner but it does limit individuals that don’t have a Mac computer. I know Mac computers are built to handle this type of program but I would love to see this on a Windows system.

Rating: 9.9 out of 10

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