Cruise Ship Horse Racing Now Available on Steam

March 9, 2022– Independent development studios Racing For Home Games have released their first PC game, Cruise Ship Horse Racing, a horse racing simulation, now available on Steam.


Cruise Ship Horse Racing is a uniquely joyful gaming experience that pays tribute to the actual cruise ship horse racing betting game played by passengers on ocean liners for the past 100 years.

Based on the same horse racing betting game idea, Cruise Ship Horse Racing has eight animated horses running on a grid-based track. An eight-sided dice is rolled many times per second to determine the cool 3D race-running dynamics and the order of finish.

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In Cruise Ship Horse Racing the betting odds are also randomly simulated, and you can bet on which horse numbers will come in first, second, or third (Win, Place, or Show). You start off the game with a wallet of $100, and you can make up to three different $10 bets each race.


Track your success by using your simulated winning dollars to purchase one or more of the original horse art rewards, maybe you will unlock a rare or legendary piece of horse art.

Cruise Ship Horse Racing will be soon released on iOS and Android.

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  • Horse racing betting

  • 8 animated horses running on a realistic grid-based track

  • Race statistics to help with wagering selections

  • Original horse art rewards

  • No ads or in-game purchases

  • Designed to be played online or offline


Additional information

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About Racing For Home Games


We are an independent start-up game development studio utilizing freelance developers, engineers, and artists from all over the world.  Our passion is to create unique gaming experiences, with distinctive atmospheres, games that can be played offline, without ads, or in-game purchases.