Atari Combat: Tank Fury IOS Review

Atari has came into the mobile gaming genre with a game for not only tank enthusiasts but fans of winning. Atari Combat: Tank Fury is a mixture of action, mind blowing gem puzzles, and building your core of tanks to continue to win at battles. You have your own headquarters where you get supply drops, drill for oil and of course a garage for your tanks. You upgrade your tanks throughout a campaign that trusts you into various battles against other tanks. You have to figure out a way to get the gems in the right matching position to create combos that will destroy your enemies or give you a loss where you tell yourself “What was I thinking?”

So for the past week, I have been playing Atari Combat: Tank Fury on my Apple Iphone to see what I can build with my tanks. As an avid mobile game player, I enjoyed building my headquarters while figuring out ways to demolish my enemies. I’m also a big history buff and being able to use some of history’s notorious tanks is a huge plus.

Here is our thoughts of the game: 


  • Different Tanks:
    • We love how you can build tanks in your arsenal from different countries and eras! You can not only customize them from various features such as health but suit them up with proper parts such as suspension. These make huge differences while your out either in a campaign battle or PVP.
  • PVP Battles:
    • I enjoy playing against other people with their tanks in ranked global matches. There is an option where you can use your supply drops to skip a certain tank team to find a worthy opponent. I noticed a lot of people have already suited up their tanks to huge levels, so this helps myself out build my rank globally.
  • Gem System
    • A big part of the game is the mind altering part of using gems for your attacks. Each matched gem has qualities that will help you destroy your enemies. You can have combos where you must match certain gems in order to get as many matches as possible. Those combos will create a more efficient and powerful hit to your enemies.


  • Slow Loading:
    • When I click the app, it usually takes 30 seconds or longer to boot up into the game. Usually I normally wait 3 to 5 seconds on my other mobile games to boot up to play, so this wait can make me or anyone else a bit of impatient. This at times lead me to close out of the game and try again later on in the day.
  • Upgrading
    • Part of the game is upgrading your supply drops, oil, and tanks in order to win matches. I really wanted to continue to play but at times I have to wait and just upgrade. Like I said again, I’m not good with patience so at times, I would start up the game, go to something and just upgrade. Even if the upgrade takes 10 minutes or 15 minutes, it would pull me away from a matched game or battle.

Rating: 8 out of 10

I really enjoyed playing this game at the moment and will continue to play this game for the long run. I am loving the story behind the characters and watching them grow in the game. There are so many characters and tanks to unlock but its going to take time as I’m still new to the game, so I will have to grow with it. I’m enjoying the PVP battles, Gem Systems and of course the different tanks displayed in the game. I know this game will take time to continue building so patience isn’t my strong suit such as waiting for the load or upgrading of tanks. I do know, I will keep on coming back to the game a few times a day to see how my progress is going. I will be yelling “GET SOME” after every tank firing a shell to an opponent. This game is just fun!

Atari Combat: Tank Fury IOS: