Age of Z Origins Review with Links

As a fan of zombie games, I found out about this game while my normal routine on the website called Reddit. I saw this ad about this game and I was like mmmm let me try it out. That was a few months ago…now I’m playing a few times a day as I build my compound to fight off not only zombies but the crazy people out there that want my stuff.

You will create an account as a commander for your town as you slowly build it up. You will have to search for refugees to join your compound as you grow food, take out oil for your machines and build a monster team. You will also build an alliance with other commander’s to fight out off other alliances as they want what you have.

Here is our quick review of the mobile game


  • Teamwork
    • You can build an alliance with various people out there. They will join with you in alliance battles against other places. I thought this was pretty cool as you have to work together in order to bring down others.
  • Infinite Zombies
    • I enjoyed being able to fight off zombies from various locations. They will come out through a tunnel and you will have to place weapons on the platform to prevent the zombies from attacking your city.
    • Each level provides more zombies but then monsters will come out such as 2 headed monsters, large praying mantis and much more.
  • Upgrades
    • You can upgrade your military, upgrade your vehicles, and much more. You can continually build your community through various ways and even research as well. I enjoy doing these as it gives you an idea of what you can do and continue to do throughout the game.


  • Not enough gold
    • I know this is a mobile game and since its a free to play, they have to find a way to make money. So the big amounts of gold is sold for a price. I just want to have more gold, this in order will help build my community. I think for the prices they offer, there should be more gold available to buy or even earn.


Rating:  7.5 out of 10

I rarely play mobile games as I only like to play here and there but Age of Z: origins has caught my eye on things. This game has given me something fun to do on my phone other than social media. Age of Z: Origins provides a game where you build your community, alliances and much more. You feel that there isn’t enough gold in the game but you will need to have patience to grow your community. I enjoyed playing this game and will continue to play it on my mobile phone.

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