Astro Movie Review

Astro from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment directed by Asif Akbar comes the action filled sci-fi film. The story of Jack Adams played by Gary Daniels and his mysterious pass has come back to haunt him and his daughter. Jack’s passed he belived was a dream was real and now faced with a son he never knew he had. His old team members are coming for him to force him to work again on a project or kill him. When he goes to see a old friend who offered him a job he learns what’s behind the project. Not knowing the whole truth he supects there a darkside to this project and his is spot on. I really enjoyed the action in this film Gray Daniels does a great job in his role. The story was good and held me and the backstory fills in some of the gaps but there are some plot holes. If sci-fi and actions films are your thing like me be sure to check this one out on DVD this month of June.