Voodoo Film Review

Saw a screener of Voodoo from director Tom Costabile as a huge horror fan I knew I had to see this film. The beginning of this film is one of the creepiest  I have seen in a long time. That being said I knew I was in for a ride and I was right straight to hell with Dani played by Samantha Stewart.   I won’t give too much of this film you must see to understand the feel of the cinematography and also the audio of this film plays a huge role. This is a film that uses your senses to add that layer of creepiness and feeling of dread and uneasiness. We follow Dani to her first trip to LA to see her cousin. There’s more to Dani taking this trip as we find out she trying to get away from a very bad relationship she just got out of.  The still fresh grief over the loss of her mother adds a layer to her wanting to get away.  She thinks she will leave her worries and passed in New Orleans for the fun in LA oh is she wrong. Her father is keeping tabs on her and so is someone else she has no idea. She starts out enjoying her first few days even meets Ron Jeremy as Ron in the film which is always a fun one to see in a cameo. Things start to come to light as she catches up with her cousin and the truth comes out of Dani about the doomed relationship and the curse for a voodoo priestess. This film ending is where we going to a very dark and creepy sensory overload not only visual but audio one like no other the bone-chilling screams are top notch scream queen worthy. A must see for horror fans and those into paranormal films. Look for it out on DVD on 9/11.