ASH & THORN #2 Comic Book Review

As a big fan of apocalypse stories, I enjoyed reading this comic called Ash & Thorn. This is the second issue of the comic and its very different. The comic showcases an older lady as champion to replace the current one to protect Earth. She is going through training and figuring more about herself as champion. The lessons she is learning goes with the story that is in hand. Her trainer is showcased summoning a guardian for information and then traps it. The guardian does enjoy his cake while in the home of the champion!

Either way, its a very interesting story. You are taken through a series of events as the old ladies are trying to be ready for the apocalypse. They even see that demon’s are trying to swindle their own community with some community constructions. I like the art in this comic is very basic on the people but focus’s more on the surroundings. You step back and look at the pages and you feel more transfused by the whole picture than focusing on the small details.

You can get Ash & Thorn #2 on July 8th here:


(W) Mariah McCourt

(A) Soo Lee

Cover: Jill Thompson


Continuing the epic tale of two little old ladies vs. the apocalypse! Now that Lottie has accepted her fate, she has to do what all Champions do: train to stop the demons that threaten to take over the Earth. By Mariah McCourt (True Blood) and Soo Lee (Charlie’s Angels vs. the Bionic Woman), with covers by Jill Thompson (Wonder Woman: True Amazon).


July 8, 2020