The highly anticipated EP from LA-based musician Agnes Azria is finally here! ‘Keep It Simple’ includes the released singles ‘daydreams’ and ‘BAIT’ feat. Goldspace, as well as the title track and the sultry and stunning ‘sorry..’. Known for her retro-style nostalgic music videos accompanying her singles, we can also expect a new video for the stand-out track ‘sorry..’ 


Agnes Azria explains her inspiration behind the new EP: 


Music has always been something personal for me, and every song is like therapy. My music reflects the complicated relationships and challenges I experience in life. As Albert Camus put it, conflicting ideas in one’s mind can lead towards insanity or the absurd. It was this notion that inspired my debut EP “Overthinker” and subsequently birthed “Keep It Simple” as a direct response and my follow up EP. 


With “Keep It Simple,” I ask myself if I want to continue my manic thoughts or change the way I approach them. I’ve learned to deal with things through the effort and clarity of keeping it simple and I hope my honesty about this internal battle provides some solace and unity for my listeners.

Keen to unpack and critique established institutions, her music reflects the numerous ways we are all interconnected and impacted by our environment. This was seen in Agnes’ 2017 release ‘Beauty Myth’ which analyzed the unattainable standard of beauty in society she was exposed to in her parents’ world of the fashion industry. From this, Agnes Azria developed her musical narratives to encompass the issues of which she is most passionate; women’s rights, sexuality, immigration and mental health. 

Agnes Azria is exploding onto the alt-pop music scene, with previous support from Wonderland, Notion, 1883, Dummy and more.