Loki Disney Plus Review

Loki was a show I felt would have been a showcase into a new story arc for the Marvel Universe. Instead, we were given a show that resembled something that would have been canceled after the pilot. Loki was suppose to be the show to highlight Tom Hiddleston as Loki and bring him further into the Time Variance storyline. What we got was Tom Hiddleston turning poo into gold with his acting skills yet couldn’t save this show.

I watched the whole season either every Wednesday or whenever I had time and tried not to cringe on various parts of each episode. As a comic book fan, I felt slapped in the face multiple times while watching this show. I did a quick review and I was generous with the rating as I’m a huge Tom Hiddleston fan.

here is the review:


  • Loki
    • Only pro is that Tom Hiddleston is Loki and is still a fantastic character as Loki! He turned poo into gold with his acting skills and professionalism.


  • Story
    • Loki is captured by the Time Variance Authority as they are wanting to use him to find information on his Variant copy. His copy is disrupting the Time Line and causing through for the TVA so Loki is there to help them find and capture him or her. So…..yeah….. it speaks for itself!
  • Mobius
    • I’m a big Owen Wilson fan and was excited he was chosen for Mobius. Once I watched him play that character, I felt Owen didn’t fit into the Mobius character. He looked so awkward that you would cringe every time he was on screen.
  • Lazy Directing
    • I’m guessing the director flipped coins on what to do on various scenes throughout each episode. I felt the direction for the show could have gone a hell of a lot better for the characters and story. The director tried to use the Loki character in a different view but in reality, her input hurt the show so much.
  • Infinite Stones
    • I have a four letter word directed to the person who put the infinite stones in the story line as paperweights. RUINED the show!

Rating: 5 out of 10

Watch here: https://www.disneyplus.com/series/loki/6pARMvILBGzF