ABLAZE Partners with Zoop for Comics Crowdfunding Campaign for THE NIGHTCRAWLERS

Portland, OR – Publisher ABLAZE is teaming with the comics crowdfunding platform, Zoop, to launch a campaign for THE NIGHTCRAWLERS, a new all-ages, supernatural adventure comic by Eisner Award winning writer, Marco Lopez (Puerto Rico Strong) and artist, Rachel Distler.

The Zoop campaign opens on Wednesday Nov 10th at https://zoop.gg/c/thenightcrawlers.

THE NIGHTCRAWLERS is an original graphic novel in the mold of beloved Don Bluth animated films like “The Secret of Nimh” and “An American Tail” and cherished movies like “The Goonies” and “Monster Squad.” For ages 8 and up.

When things go bump in the night, they bump back.

If you think aliens replaced your teachers or your neighbor might be a vampire, then there’s only one group to call for help: The Nightcrawlers.

The Nightcrawlers take on their first case when a friend from school believes werewolves replaced his parents. They get more than they

bargained for when their investigation leads them right in the middle of a confrontation between their caretaker William Jones and a former Nightcrawler out for revenge.

Writer Marco Lopez says, “As a fan of 80s film classics with that Spielberg charm and crazy fun horror movies like the Lost Boys, Gremlins and Monster Squad. I can’t wait till everyone can check out what Rachel and I have been cooking. This is a graphic novel series with heart that kids have been wanting and kids at heart need.”

““The Nightcrawlers is a real work of love for fans of stuff like The Goonies, old Vincent Price/Peter Cushing movies, and a love of urban legends and myths that we stayed up late to as kids,” says Rachel Distler. “Basically, we wanted to share that love in a way I think everyone will

ABLAZE Teams with Zoop to Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for THE NIGHTCAWLERS Page 2

enjoy, with a cast of friends who remind us of who we knew growing up, with mysteries to explore, in an imaginative setting. Marco and I have put everything we’ve got into this book, so we hope you’ll be along for the ride!”

“This campaign is new and exciting for us in many ways” says Zoop CEO, Jordan Plosky. “An all-ages title through a traditional publisher, with an Eisner Award winning creator! This is going be a great campaign for a truly wonderful book.”

ABLAZE VP Creative & Managing Editor Rich Young adds, “When Marco first pitched this project, it immediately grabbed me, as I’m sure it will others. These stories are about the unlikeliest group of friends coming together to help others…with a spooky twist! We invite comics fans and parents of budding comics readers to help us make THE NIGHTCRAWLERS a reality!”

ABOUT Marco Lopez:

Eisner Award Winner Marco Lopez has worked on projects with Lion Forge comics for Nick Cannon and Ernie Reyes Junior. Afterward, he co-created, put the initial team and talent together, and brought to Lion Forge the graphic novel Puerto Rico Strong. He also contributed a supernatural story. Puerto Rico Strong sold out of a first print run of 10,000 copies, went into a second printing, and won Marco and his fellow editors and Eisner award.

He then worked with Ivan Plaza, Publisher of Chido Comics, to co-create and write the hit Masked Republic Luchaverse license. A series of sci-fi and horror comics starring famous Mexican wrestlers. The comics were in Rolling Stone’s 25 Best Things We Saw at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 and featured in Publishers Weekly Licensing August 2018.

He’s also developing various animation projects with Lion Forge animation for film and television.

ABOUT Rachel Distler:

Rachel Distler is an exciting new artist who has worked on short stories and mini comics with an incredible knack for thrilling and compelling sequential storytelling and a beautiful art style readers and comics fans will fall in love with.


Zoop, a comic-centric crowdfunding platform, launched in June 2021. Co-Founders Jordan Plosky and Eric Moss’ goal was to make crowdfunding easier and more accessible to working professionals and others in need of a turnkey solution, as opposed to starting from scratch. The platform features a streamlined layout, intuitive interface and an à la carte checkout system. On top of that, Zoop runs entire campaigns from conception through fulfillment on it, so creators can concentrate solely on the creative elements. Official Zoop Website at https://zoop.gg

Zoop Instagram: https://www.facebook.com/WeAreZoop

Zoop Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeAreZoop

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