Venture beyond the Wall in The Great Ranging and witness the world of Westeros through all-new instanced challenges arriving on the 4th anniversary of this top 25 grossing mobile strategy game

Warner Bros. Games and HBO are celebrating four years of Game of Thrones: Conquest with the arrival of Battlegrounds – a major feature update that invites players to take on challenging group content in this popular mobile strategy title and relive iconic moments from the Emmy® Award-winning show. These 30-minute instanced events will test players’ strategy and perseverance against powerful new enemies, encouraging fans to work closely with their Allegiance to defeat formidable foes as they dive even deeper into Game of Thrones lore.

All players at Keep level 8 and above will be able to access Battlegrounds via the Iron Gate, a new access point building in their city. Once Allegiance leaders begin the event, members will be able to enter the instance together as one Battalion using keys called “Chronicles of Conflict,” which can be earned by completing daily tasks. By working with their Allegiance in these strategic battle events, players can earn unique rewards and break personal records, relishing in triumphs together – and facing perils in unity.

The inaugural Battlegrounds event will kick off with The Great Ranging, where Allegiances may join the Night’s Watch on an epic excursion to the unforgiving frozen tundra to combat horrors lurking beyond The Wall. These unyielding monsters, including the Pale Spider, Wight Wolf and Wight Bear, will aggressively scale in difficulty, regenerating health and requiring players to time their attacks to successfully defeat each enemy. Each monster is also vulnerable against one specific troop type, allowing for shortened rally times that bring an even faster pace of cooperative action compared to the core game.

Each new Battleground will introduce players to another area of Westeros, complete with new enemies and themed rewards exclusive to this mode which allow you to unlock the collectible Heroes, Mance Rayder and Rattleshirt, as well as the exclusive Night’s Watch Raven March Pawn. Players can also earn advanced resources and XP upon victory.

The Great Ranging is just the beginning of what players can expect to see out of the new Battlegrounds game mode. With instanced, on-demand maps, this opens the door to both familiar faces returning to the game, as well as opportunities to explore all new battle scenarios and locations never-before-seen in the history of Game of Thrones: Conquest. Additional monsters will also be released in future updates that require even greater coordination from players. To maximize rewards, Allegiance members will need to learn how to effectively execute bomb rallies to defeat stronger enemies, and improve their Battalion’s skill with attack timings and troop compositions.

Developed by Warner Bros. Games Boston, Game of Thrones: Conquest continues to introduce features that utilize the mechanical aspects of a mobile game to encourage intelligent gameplay and integrate the political intrigue that is so central to the show. The release of Battlegrounds is the latest feature addition in Game of Thrones: Conquest following the release of Heroes, iconic characters that each offer their own unique stats and abilities; Kingdom vs. Kingdom, limited-time Rebellion events that unlocks all Seats of Power at once and pits two maps against each other for dominion over Westeros; and Dragons, powerful allies players can train for combat.

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