A Petersen Games Video Game?

8-Bit Attack: the Video Game Coming July 15!

We are happy to announce the upcoming launch of 8-Bit Attack: the Video Game by our partner Startale Games! It is set to be released on Steam July 15th, so mark your calendar for this Wednesday.

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8-Bit Attack is now a turn based tactics video game where the player commands a cast of unique heroes as they travel across space and time in order to power up and defeat the evil lord Cthulhu.

Build up your party by destroying mini-bosses and their lackeys in preparation for the final battle to save the universe!

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Announcing a New WebApp Playing Aid for
Cthulhu Wars!


The free Necronomicon companion
WebApp for Cthulhu Wars is now available on our website!

The Necronomicon is a handy collection of all the Cthulhu Wars rules, plus utilities such as dice roll, game randomizer, timer, and Doom & Ritual tracks.

Many thanks to Filippo Salvarani who designed this great Cthulhu Wars resource and has allowed us to add it to our website.

Check it out! Click here

The Ultimate RPG Guide to Destroying Any World

Dark Lords always seem to threaten the world. This time, that threat becomes real. Your fantasy world actually gets destroyed as it becomes another Planet Apocalypse!

A unique new product for 5th edition D&D, the Planet Apocalypse book provides rules and guides to turn any fantasy world into a post-apocalyptic landscape where the heroes fight alongside surviving remnants to merely stymie the fiendish hordes.

This 350+ page tome includes new subclasses, new feats, new spells, new magic items, THREE adventures, a complete guide on what it means to bring the apocalypse to your fantasy world, 15 Arch Lords whose Shadows literally manifest their own Hells, and a bestiary boasting more than 70 monster stat blocks!

Coming to Kickstarter this Fall


Coming Next Week: 2 Minute Dino Deal

We are releasing a new direct to the public, family friendly, dinosaur themed game next week!

So if you love dinosaurs and don’t want to wait to receive your copy of Dinosaur 1944, or if you want something even your kids will love, get set for fun soon!

Only 2 minutes to learn and 2 minutes to play! 

The Time Scoop works! Now you can reach back in time to capture prehistoric monsters and bring them back to sell! You have just two minutes make the most profit. Every 30 seconds, your options become more valuable — but the longer you wait, the more you risk another player stealing “your” dinosaur!

Go to https://petersengames.com/ next week to get your copy