3 Days of Extravaganza From Alamo City Comic Con

The bowls are filled with goodies that speak with a loud applause. The lines are gathering and the sparkles from the young ladies wands keep the allure filled with a cloud nine flavor. The drum beats from the feet stomping in an anxious fashion as people are anticipating the doors to finally open. The roar of the crowd signals the change and the doors open as Alamo City Comic Con commences in San Antonio, TX. 


There are booths upon booths of amazing items such as T-shirts, Pops, and collectibles that will make you stare in delight. I was able to walk around and talk to many people as they are enjoying their day with their friends and family at the con. Many of them came dressed up as their favorite characters in pop culture and brought many creative delight to people like to be impressed of their creations. In this pic, BUSTIN4AUTISM had an amazing booth and brought many hand made items for the fans to buy and enjoy.


The celebrities at the event was headlined by David Tennant but each day had many unique stars for the fans to come by and get a quick picture and autograph. The stars ranged from AJ Mclean, Jason David Frank, Ernie Reyes Jr, Jason Mewes, Keith Allan, Gene Snitzky and more! The photo ops area was packed every minute as fans wanted to make sure they got a photo of their favorite television hero or villain.

Here is CHRISTINA MCDANIEL having fun


All in all, Alamo City Comic Con delivered a unique extravaganza to the fans through various areas of the con. They had booths to buy items, they had celebrities to meet and greet and of course they let the fans be fans and be creative with their costumes and designs. I highly recommend coming to Alamo City Comic Con next year and experience the extravaganza that has not only bring out the pop culture but brings out the future of comic cons.