The machine in the room has been making the same noise day in and day out for many years. The cloth drapes over the mass that occupies the wealth encrusted room of majesty. The machine starts to beep...and beeps again...and again faster and faster... ...continue reading Saw The Cuffs Off With Mikayla’s Vocal Anthem in Rock And Roll EP

When you journey through the world with emotions in your head, sit down and put your head phones in. Get your music player out and put in the Late Night RTD and just press play.  ...continue reading Soak The World With Desh’s Tape Late Night RTD

The lighted stick flickers with a flame as the wind blows the stream of lyrics spoken by this hip hop extraordinaire. The words are heard at a white board filled from top to bottom. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Champz.... ...continue reading The Expedition Starts With Champz EP Suburban Cowboy

The crowd cheered and jeered as one by one celebrities came out to the floor and waved to the audiences. They sat down at their tables and the lines start to move as fans just stare at awe at their heroes. Comicpalooza brought their A game to the world of comic cons.  ...continue reading And Your Reigning King Of Con’s Champion Is Comicpalooza