Voicemod Launches Twitch Extension called Voicemod Bits to Boost Streamer Monetization and Engagement

It’s an exciting day for streamers looking to elevate their engagement and earn more revenue. Voicemod, the world’s leading company in augmented voice and interactive audio, has announced its latest move democratizing content creation: Voicemod BitsVoicemod Bits is a new dedicated extension from Voicemod, and it’s now available in the Twitch Extensions hub. The extension, which begins its rollout this week, is a way for streamers to further monetize their broadcasts while increasing engagement with viewers in a fun and dynamic way. During its successful two-month Early Access period, over 60,000 viewers activated Twitch Bits in excess of 1.5 million to use Voicemod Bits!

The launch of the Twitch extension follows Voicemod’s commitment to democratizing content creation, particularly within the livestreaming space. Voicemod Bits helps Twitch affiliates and partners to engage their community mid-stream, allowing viewers to alter the streamer’s voice in real-time. All streamers with access to Bits donations can monetize their streams on Twitch with Voicemod Bits using Voicemod’s selection of rotating voice filters! Furthermore, Voicemod PRO users can choose from the complete library of filters and create usable custom voice skins via the Voicemod Voicelab.

Using Bits, stream viewers can effectively pay to modify a fundamental piece of a streamer’s broadcast in real-time: their voice! Streamers using Voicemod PRO have the freedom to set up tiered pricing using specific voice effects, or simply make use of the extension a subscriber-only exclusive. To avoid a total audio overload, Voicemod has also baked in a “cooldown” feature, which allows for a set amount of time between the use of voice effects, along with the ability to easily toggle the extension on and off through the Voicemod desktop app.

Learn more about the Voicemod Bits Twitch extension here: https://www.voicemod.net/voicemod-bits-twitch-extension.

Here’s how to get started with the Voicemod Bits extension:

  1. First, open Voicemod. You’ll see a new ‘Plugins’ option on the left side of the screen. Select it and then click the ‘Enable’ button. Once activated, you will be able to access your unique ‘Voicemod Secret Key’. Copy the key and proceed to your Twitch profile.
  2. Once on your Twitch dashboard, search for Voicemod Bits in the Twitch Extensions selection page. Install Voicemod Bits by clicking ‘Install’ on the top right of your screen. Following installation, proceed to the ‘Configure’ option.
  3. Next, paste your Voicemod Secret Key into the marked box. Hit the ‘Connect’ button and finalize setup by connecting your Voicemod account to your Twitch profile.
  4. Ensure the process was successful by verifying the ‘Status’ section. If not, refresh the page and try again.
  5. Time to add your voices! Click back to Voicemod and access the ‘Plugins’ option. From there, you’ll select ‘Voices’ from the Voicemod Bits section. Now, just add any voices you like!

Once setup is finalized and the extension is configured and running smoothly, you can dictate how many Bits each voice will cost for viewers to activate, as well as how long they last. For ease of use, the extension can be added to panels in the “My Extensions” tab in Twitch settings by selecting either ‘Activate in Panel 1’ or ‘New Panel.’ Finally, the extension can be paused, disabled, or reactivated via the Plugins access in the Voicemod app, where Pause/Reactive can simply be toggled on and off.

Voicemod easily integrates with popular apps such as Stream Deck and Streamlabs OBS, as well as Skype, Discord, WhatsApp, and Zoom, and is compatible with online games including Apex LegendsValorantWorld of WarcraftMinecraftAmong UsLeague of Legends, and Fortnite. From content creators and gamers to voice actors and music artists, Voicemod provides a platform for creatives to take their audio-based content to the next level using a mix of voice filters, soundboard effects, user-created voice mods, and a whole host of other real-time audio customizations.

Recently, Voicemod launched its official Partner Program, providing the opportunity for select content creators to increase their revenue and receive tailored support, exclusive merch, and other unique goodies. Learn more and apply for the Voicemod Partner Program here: https://www.voicemod.net/partners.

Download Voicemod and try it for free on Windows PC via the official site here.

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