Vixa Games is proud to announce that the upcoming title: “Dino Galaxy Tennis” will be showcased during the Steam Game Festival!

🦖Become a Dino tennis star with Galactic ambitions & TRY THE FREE DEMO!🎾

Gdańsk, Poland – February 1st, 2021 – Vixa Games announces that their upcoming title “Dino Galaxy Tennis” will be showcased in the winter edition of the Steam Game Festival! 

The Festival begins on February 3rd at 10 AM PST (8 PM CEST) and will end on February 9th at 10 AM PST (8 PM CEST). 

“Dino Galaxy Tennis” 

A space Grand Slam clashing the best dinosaur players against the ancient masters of tennis for the chance to become the ultimate cosmic Champion.

The game includes a full-fledged story campaign for a single-player experience. It also allows players to compete in a co-op story mode, PvP versus mode, and various skill-based challenges where they can try to set or beat world records!

Choose between over a dozen of talented dinosaurs and take part in a galactic tennis competition. All players have special astro-tennis skills and can gather power-ups that help them defeat powerful leaders inhabiting different planets. And guess what? Instead of a regular tennis ball, you play with a burning comet!

During the Steam Game Festival, you will be able to try out an exclusive Steam demo version of the game and step into the role of one of many cool characters. You can try your skills in a single-player or up to 4-players Versus mode with your friends. The demo is completely free but will stay available only during the time of the Steam Game Festival.

Apart from that players can join a series of events like Developer Live Stream with Q&A, showing certain in-game footage, sneak peeks, work in progress materials, and many more! 

Dino Galaxy Tennis gameplay features include:

  1. Dynamic Challenges⏩ – test your skills in a set of bizarre trials! A lot of button mashing, so train your fingers!
  2. 🎾“Dinos in Space” Tournament”🎾 – Dinosaurs competing in tennis matches against elite players and boss-like opponents, some of which don’t even need to use hands to strike the ball.
  3. 🌟Planetary exploration🌟 – Dinosaurs venturing through the galaxy & discovering different celestial bodies – all of them with some differences: low-gravity, orbiting moons, hi-tech devices.
  4. 💥Special and Super Special skills💥 – combine your basic moves with special and ultimate strikes,  and power-ups to outplay other contestants.
  5. 💨High tension action💨 – Hit, double-hit, bend or even teleport your comets. Rush, dash, and rocket-fly all over the planet’s orbit. You’ll need outstanding reflexes and a lot of wits to win your games.
  6. 🌈Colorful visuals, energetic music & satisfying gameplay🌈 – everyone will have fun! Solo or with friends. Age doesn’t matter here either!

The PC Steam version will be released very soon, at the end of Q1 2021

The game will also be available later on Nintendo Switch, Xbox & PlayStation

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