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Platformer with Strategic and Narrative Elements of Classic JRPGs Launching in Early Access
July 23rd, 2019 — Jelle Van Doorne is happy to announce the platforming RPG Viola is out now on Steam
Play as Viola, a young girl trapped inside the fantasy world of a magic violin. Follow her quest as she makes friends and unlocks the mystery of a fantastical musical world. While platforming across the world you’ll seamlessly engage in turn-based battles. To win these battles you’ll meet a colorful cast of 10+ characters to join your party! Viola is not a passive RPG. Attacks require the player to time their button taps, and to unleash spells you’ll have to follow a series of rhythm game-esque inputs.
Viola and her new friends will also play music together. Certain songs and characters will unlock different passages and secrets throughout the world. A humorous and emotional story, Viola is about learning to love yourself.
Viola is currently a Steam Early Access release on Windows PC for $9.99, with a full launch planned for 2020.
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About Jelle Van Doorne
Jelle van Doorne is a solo game creator from the Netherlands. After being laid off from his industry job, he set out to create his own games; doing everything from programming to animation, with a focus on character and narrative.



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