Twin-stick shooter Space Cows is out now for Nintendo Switch and PC

Krakow, Poland – September 5, 2019.  All In! Games and Happy Corruption are happy to announce that Space Cows premiered today. Grab a weaponized plunger and fight mootants in zero gravity on PC and Nintendo Switch!

About Space Cows

Space Cows is a cheesy twin-stick shooter featuring weaponized toilet plunger and intense combat. Shoot, dash and wobble in slow moo-tion to save cows and lay vengeance upon an evil cow-poration. You play as a cow farmer, Best Regards, who recently had his favorite cow stolen and transported to a mootant-infested space station. Fly naked in zero gravity, armed only with a laser-scoped plunger and driven by a thirst for revenge!

Key Features

  • Be the plunger assassin. Take on dangerous mootants, mini-bosses and a final mega-boss. It’s moosacre time!

  • Wibble-wobble in zero gravity. Use twin-stick controls to master fun and responsive zero-gravity physics.

  • The milk must flow! Collect the milk bubbles, but be careful: the space station is full of environmental hazards.

  • Master the mini-games. Save cows. Rack up crazy scores and keep the milk flowing!

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About Happy Corruption

Happy Corruption is a studio based out of Warsaw, Poland, with a mission to create unique games that are strange and wildly fun.

About All in! Games

All in! Games is a new video game publishing and production company based in Krakow, Poland. Founded in 2018, the team has raised 10M EUR for production and marketing and already signed 16 games including the Paradise Lost (PolyAmorous), Fort Triumph (CookieByte), Daymare: 1998 (Invader Studios, Destructive Creations), Space Cows (Happy Corruption),  Metamorphosis (Ovid Works), and Space Company Simulator (INTERMARUM).