TUNE IN | The Better Podcast Episode 10 With Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Tune in today, December 16 to hear Episode 10 of The Better Podcast featuring Emmy-nominated actor, director, Grammy award-winning spoken word artist and producer of TV and film, Malcolm-Jamal Warner. They explore what consistency can do for our happiness as well as taking the long view on our artistic journey towards cultivating and sustaining longevity in our career. Together they talk about the evolution of artistry, how it expresses through us and the influences we meet along the way both outside us and within us. Ultimately they speak about what it takes to have healthy self identity, the meditative power of hobbies and the power embedded within our names.
Inspired by Joe Towne’s own acclaimed workshops for actors, athletes and industry creatives, The Better Podcast features longform interviews with leading experts across film, television, sports, science, and music on the road to success, the tools and techniques it takes to reach the next level, celebrating progress within one’s own personal journey and uplifting those around them in the process. Towne’s mindset coaching touches all parts of our everyday lives, including daily habits, physical and mental health to career goals.