Tribes of Midgard Fenrir Strategy Guide for Wolfmancer & Doomhowler Now Available

We hope you have enjoyed diving into all the new content that was added in the recent Season One Mid Saga Update for Tribes of Midgard. Knowing that we added a completely new version of the Saga Boss – Fenrir, we pulled together a handy guide to help players get to and survive this epic encounter no matter which Fenrir variant they end up facing. Within the guide we offer advice on:

  • How to acquire resources needed to repair the broken bridge
  • Collecting fragments which unlock Fenrir’s lair
  • Gear for making it through the harsh Glacier Peaks biome to reach the lair
  • How to survive and thrive during your encounter with either Wolfmancer or Doomhowler Fenrir

News post featuring this content on the Tribes of Midgard website can be found here –

Lastly, just a quick reminder that Valhalloween kicks of next week on October 12th and runs through November 1st. Be sure to dive back in next Tuesday to see some awesome decorations, new cosmetics, enemy skin changes as well as altered music to get everyone in the spooky mood.