Top Panels To Check Out NYCC Metaverse Thursday Day 1

Today is Day 1 for New York City Comic Con’s Metaverse virtual online convention! We are excited to participate for our second year in a row as media / press for the con. We are excited for the panels throughout the day for Thursday and my gosh! We are going to be glued to our TV screens with these panels! Here is our top panels for Day 1!


Doctor Who Spotlight | BBC America

Amazon Prime Video Presents – Truth Seekers

Amazon Prime Video Presents – Utopia

Blade Runner | The Next Generation – 2019 Comic

Amazon Prime Video Presents -The Boys

IDW Presents – The World of Locke & Key

Live with Tenacious D! | The Post-Apocalypto Graphic Novel Spotlight

Marvel vs. DC | Russo Brothers & Kevin Smith Talk Superheroes & Quibi’s Slugfest

The Sound of “The Sandman” with Neil Gaiman and Friends – Presented by Audible and DC

Fall Guys – Becoming #1 on Twitch & Beyond

Kevin Smith vs Chris Jericho: Movie Trivia Schmoedown Hits NYCC!

From the Nightmares of Clive Barker | A Conversation with the Cast of Hulu’s ‘Books of Blood’