Top 5 Tracks to Listen During Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday will have a fantastic half time show this year. They will have legends in music performing to a show that will be fantastic. Well today, we have some acts that should open up for these legends in any show today!

Warm up prior to the halftime show with these next musical acts!

In his new track ‘Struck,’ Tyler Levs explores a longing for reciprocated love. The Maine-based multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter has created a melodic alternative pop which is just a taste of his upcoming EP being released on February 25th.

Singer-songwriter Matt Marlow carefully crafts authentic and soulful music with refreshing and uplifting magic. His unique artistry makes it that much more impressive that Marlow only began writing and making music in 2020. Now he is ready to unveil his latest offering ‘Don’t You Dare’, a warming pop single that lends itself to helping whoever listens feel less alone.

Sid Batham is back with his larger than life love song ‘Higher Love’. The energy-boosting offering flaunts a funk-fuelled rhythm, vintage synths and Sid’s soaring vocals. ‘Higher Love’ blends both old and new, it’s classic yet timeless. It’s a mix of glitch soul and new electronica that defies easy definition. The sweet melodies of this romantic track arrive just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Amorie returns with her dreamy new offering ‘Goddess’. The track came to fruition while working with long-distance producing partner Patrick Perez, as Amorie recalled a beat he shared with her when they began working together 5 years ago. The lightness and breezy energy of the track finally felt like it could be realised.

Zack Sympson is a singer-songwriter from Christchurch, New Zealand. Zack Sympson’s sound mixes elements of modern pop with acoustic ballads. Zack not only writes his own music but helps produce, arrange and mix all his songs. He now presents his latest offering ‘It’s Not The End’.

Produced by Matthew Tryba the new single is an uplifting pop track that radiates warmth through Zack’s melodic vocals.

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