$tiff Barbie Wields That Sword With Her Latest Album Boyfriend Slayer

$tiff Barbie Wields That Axe With Her Latest Album Boyfriend Slayer! With blood splattered against the wall, $tiff Barbie smiles big for the celebration to start! Her latest album is out now on all streaming platforms for fans to check out!

Boyfriend Slayer is a well produced album with 14 songs that feature the imagination and time to party attitude of $tiff Barbie! This album has some of the sickest beats that will bounced off your speaker system in your car while you look for your own Barbie!

The songs I’m jamming to is Foreplay, Dior, Boyfriend Slayer, and Born to Win! The whole album features a track for anyone to chill like a Barbie that features a trophy case filled with chopped heads! Boyfriend Slayer style!

listen here: