The Rough Go new song Salvage is out now!

The Rough Go new song Salvage is out now! With a barrage of acoustic gold, Salvage is a song that will help you escape the struggles. The Rough Go give the song Salvage a nightlight full of inspirations for fans to enjoy. The forefront of the acoustic strumming just fills the air full of musical art. The gallery for that musical art hangs the bands well produced song with a different outlook in life. I enjoy listening to this song that gives you more facts than curiosity. The lyrics are straight forward with an acoustic guitar leading the way in the track.

listen here:


The Rough Go, is the one-man eclectic, eccentric rock project of Jimmy Ruffian; born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario and living in Toronto. With heavy punk influences, but also glam, classic rock, folk, and electronic in the mix, The Rough Go creates songs of political rage, mental anguish, and overcoming the obstacles.


The Rough Go’s debut single, “Salvage,” is folk-rock leaning with an acoustic guitar at the forefront of the sound.