The Robot Revolution is here with Reachy CES 2021

We’ve been hearing about the upcoming robotics and artificial intelligence revolution for decades…but where is it hiding?

The truth is that for research labs and businesses, exploring these areas can be very complex and expensive. It usually requires experienced profiles that can be hard to find and projects can extend over several years and require budgets that can easily reach a million dollars.

So what can we do to accelerate this revolution?

Pollen Robotics offers Reachy, the only 100% open source humanoid platform that makes robotics and AI more accessible. It is fully programmable and its AI modules allow rapid prototyping of advanced applications. For the price of EUR/USD 19,990, Reachy is an affordable solution that helps labs and businesses save time and costs in R&D – all with a friendly and expressive robot that inspires interaction.

The big news for 2021? Reachy now comes with the first humanoid VR teleoperation app available on the market:

Introducing the VR Teleoperation application on Reachy

Reachy now also offers a brand new ROS 2-based software, a more powerful embedded computer and a high quality dual camera with optical zoom.

Among our customers: Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, University of Melbourne, Korean Institute of Robotics and Technological Convergence, Indian Organization for Space Research, but also Accenture and Mercari in Japan…