The Painter’s Apprentice PC Review

The Painter’s Apprentice


As the game starts the main character is sent to collect the items for his master painter. He soon realizes he does not have the required skillset to prove that he is worthy of finishing his master’s work with his paintbrush. His paint brush doesn’t cover paint on the board in which he is very confused and distraught. The master painter arrives and then uses his mysterious powers and casts the main character into the painting board in order to finish the paintings. This is a very extraordinary video game in which I have never seen before. To be understood I feel this game is for all ages. The game does advise to use a controller but I’m sure it is very challenging to use a keyboard and mouse. You battle little and big paint blobs including end-level bosses. To make it interesting each enemy has three different colors such as red, yellow, and blue. There are obstacles in which the player must avoid such as buzz saws or ground spikes. There are level challenges such as completing the level within a time limit and no deaths in which the player earns bronze, silver, and gold stars. I really enjoyed playing this video game and I know you will too. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend. Cheers.