Garage: Bad Trip Review

The game is called Garage: Bad Trip, wow and I can see how it got the name since the main character is supposedly a drug dealer named Butch on a mission to save a girl from zombie apocalyptic mayhem. This 80-90s slash horror survival game is very unique and full of suspense. In the beginning of the game you wake up in the trunk of a car with a ghastly headache in which later you find a med-kit. I really don’t to spoil the game but I can tell you this the game requires a lot of patience and strategy. Let’s just say there is a lot of dark and strange places that you need to reach across the map. There is food and beverages to collect to restore health as well. You can find self-defense weapons as well as punching, kicking, and rolling. To be very honest I have never seen a game like this especially with a very interesting storyline and environment fit for a horror film. A very critical piece of advice is stay in the light and avoid level hazards, I had so much fun with this late-night horror mystery game. I even laughed with the zombie rats. Peace and have a wonderful weekend ladies and gentlemen. Good luck and have fun.