The Last Possession Review

The Last Possession is a film by Don Riddle starring Stephen Brodie and Cassie Shea. A story of a family who is forced to move back to the husband’s father’s house. Having to uproot and move back to Texas and with a rough relationship with his father. The only option was to move back home to the house his father left him.

Just the home is not the same with a tragedy taking place upon the death of his father. The little girl is the first to see things and the family soon after. The house is possessed by more than one entity. Making for a rough start in their new home.

Events of a paranormal being happen in the home to the point that all but the dad is ready to leave. A co-worker comes over one night and overhears what’s going and offers his Grandmother to help. Not into it, the father passes but the wife after a major scare makes him take him up on the offer.

The Grandmother comes to the house and is overwhelmed from the start. Now a real battle and the truth are about to unfold. I give this one a 7 out of 10 good story and the twisted at the end makes for a gut punch. You really feel for the family and the pressure of starting over and now your house is haunted. I would have liked a bit of the backstory of what happened to the father and the entity. Be sure to check this one out now.