The Last Kingdom Season 5 Netflix Review

Season 5 for The Last Kingdom is out now on Netflix! This will be the final season for the show that captured audiences attention with their showcase of young Uthred being raised as a Viking as he was born a Saxon. This season, we saw a ton of characters from the past seasons grace our screens once again. Many stories were finally told at the end while continuing the ark of Uthred and his focus on finding a permanent home for himself.

I tried not to spoil much in the review below but when you have a chance, be sure to binge this show! I tried to do a few episodes a day but it was tough. This series is so good that I had to stop what I was doing at times to continuing watching the show.

Here is the review:


  • Uthred
    • This season provided tough choices for Uthred as he had to make sure the peace was kept between Dane and Saxon. He lost his love this season as she passed away on his arms. He finally united the Danes and Saxon at the end of this series with a shocking decision that even the King didn’t approve. I enjoyed Uthred this season as he grew so much as a character and as a person.
  • Brida
    • She endured so much in this series that included losing people she loved, burying her own children, and much more! In season 5, she wanted to save the Danes from Christianity. She attacked King Sigtryggr kingdom using his own brother to gain his trust to bring in her army of Danes. They slaughter the Danes committed to Christianity and this starts off a war that ravages this season with Danes and Saxon.
  • Characters Return to fulfill there Stories
    • No Loose ends in this series finale! Throughout each episode, a guest from the prior seasons, came to be part of the story once more. Those guests fulfilled their story so we would know what had happened to them. Some regain their honor, others came to make sure Uthred was good. Either way, it was nice seeing past characters come back to finish off their storyline the right way.



Rating: 9 out of 10

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