The Conjuring House Review

Got a chance to try out The Conjuring House game on Steam as a huge fan of horror movies as well horror video games. This was one I was looking forward to playing and I was not disappointed at all. The Conjuring house is a story of the Atkinson House and your explorations of the house looking for the lost team investigating the house. This is one very visual and audio-intense game and I will say as a fan of horror this game gave me a good jump scare, unlike most other movies and games. I played it and love the story and gameplay I got lost in the game trying to search every room for items and keys need to progress in the game. A very creepy game and done so well the gameplay was easy to learn and the option to use a controller is a nice addition. I reminded me of a Resident Evil in the house exploration and Silent Hill in the creepy uneasy feel to the game.

Overall this is one fun game and I’m enjoying it a lot and I feel it makes for a great game for streamers and gaming lovers but it will test your nerves. Check out the game at the links below and have fun and remember it’s only a game.