‘The Blackout Club Review”




The Blackout Club

Corpus Christi TX

The blackout club is a First person co-op horror game. Players begin in a train car hideout where you can choose your gear, spend skill points, and play around. Prepare for night time excursions by choosing one of three tools. The starting tools consist of a crossbow, taser, and a grappling hook; each having their own benefits to various playstyles. After starting a mission, random objectives are created and must be completed in order to gain experience and level up. While doing missions, players must avoid four types of enemies; sleepers, lucids, the shape and the stalkers.




The blackout club is fun when you play with friends, other than that the game gets too repetitive it will soon get lost in the dark if developers don’t release new content. The game starts you off too quick, no tutorials to show you the controls. I couldn’t understand the story.
your co-op games can be invaded by The Stalker. Stalkers are other players who record evidence of your sins for your enemies. Makes the game more fun especially when your playing with friends. Cooperative game with a dash of horror. This game has a feel of dead by deadlight and Friday the 13th. Really like the stealth of the game communication is the key to success. The graphics are ok nothing to complain about, the audio is well done. The game is 29.99 and is available to Ps4, Xbox one, and pc.
I rate this game 7-10

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  1. Damm,, this game sounds like it would be hilarious to play with friends , i got a few i would like to give it a go with. Game looks pretty scary💀 based on the second pic of what ever that is, assuiming its a sleeper?? but it caught my eye !!the graphics look pretty good , couldnt help but laugh out loud when i saw the frank description of the audio and graphics 😂

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