Texas Frightmare Weekend 2019

This was my very first taste of Texas Frightmare Weekend in Fort Worth, Texas. I have heard so much about this show from how great the staff is to the horror community at Frightmare is a huge extended family. To the legendary guests, the artists as well as vendors. Myself a huge horror fan I was ready to experience the event full force. I must say it lived up to the hype and more. This show is what I call the super bowl of horror for the south I talked with people from all over the country. All with the same mindset to have fun and meet there on screen heroes. The guest list was some of the horror royalty from Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) to the Chin himself Bruce Campbell (Ash) also so making her Texas Frightmare debut one of my favorites and friend Felissa Rose (Angela) from Sleepaway Camp. Felissa Rose had a neverending line all three days the fans made a statement she is loved by her fans. So many more guest they were ready to talk and meet their fans. The staff was amazing they have to deal with so much. Loyd Cryer has done an outstanding job with his show and this year’s I kept hearing was one of the highest attended one with Saturday being completely sold out. Even with all the crowd, everyone was chill and understanding with each other. As with any show, there were some minor issues one that affected me was the line to meet Elvira. I was told line was capped on four different times to come back at specific times only to be sent away again the to be told they were giving out tickets to get in line. These are just small things every show deals with and end the end was able to get my item signed thanks, Bernard. Over this show was amazing looking forward to next years show and many more. If you’re on the fence of attending Texas Frightmare believe me check it out you will not regret it one bit. Here is a few Amazing Cosplayer at the show.