Terraforming Earth Free DLC Drone Danger Out Now on Steam

Use the drones and solve new puzzles
Drone Danger - Terraforming Earth DLC_01
Budapest, Hungary –March 6, 2020– Independent game development studio Lost Robots release their first free major update Drone Danger for Terraforming Earth on Steam today.
Set in a future where humankind is extinct, Terraforming Earth is a roguelike puzzle platformer in which you control three robots with different abilities who must work together to get through AI-designed levels and bring back the humans.
Free DLC Drone Danger introduces cargo drones – flying robots that are dangerous to hang around but can be used to solve new types of puzzles. Drone Danger is bringing you the Dark Souls of puzzle platforming with even more tricky situations and hilarious ways to die. Yes, this is a thinking-heavy puzzle game where things are chasing you and so won’t let you think. It doesn’t make sense. You should try it. 🙂
  • New free DLC Drone Danger
  • AI-generated levels (incl. boss fights)
  • $100 Bounty for first unsolvable level
  • Optional challenges (permadeath and time-pressure)
  • A simple-to-understand but hard-to-optimize resource management meta-game
  • Level curation
  • Single-player
  • Local co-op multiplayer
  • Full controller support
  • A story about quirky robots and environmental catastrophes
  • Procedurally generated music
About Lost Robots
Founded in 2018, Lost Robots is games-development studio based in Budapest, Hungary. It’s formed by Andras Csibi, Csaba Kálmán and Lóci Alvégi, and it counts with the collaboration of Gabor Deutsch. Terraforming Earth is their first commercial title.