NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Breakout, indie pop recording artist Graciela (Gr8 Entertainment) rounds out the momentum of a successful year with the rollout of three new tracks; Graciela will introduce a waterfall series of releases beginning Friday, November 12, 2021.
In keeping with her “Seize The Day” debut and sophomore release “Best Days” (an original tune written by the fourteen-year-old singer songstress), Graciela selected the three songs from a large pool of tunes weighted by similar inspirational, insightful, motivational sentiments and thought-provoking lyrics. The three recordings (produced by Bryan Cole and recorded in Nashville, TN) spotlight the young artist’s confident vocals, complimented by rocking electric guitar riffs and synth beats laced with trickling piano and string moments.
“Diamond In The Rain” (K. Brandt/J. Conoly) due Friday, November 12
Graciela’s third official release, the haunting, dark production opens with a mellow intro that builds to a dramatic bridge.
“‘Diamond In The Rain’ is an abstract song, about being stuck,” Graciela said. “Some listeners may conclude that this is a relationship song, while others may interpret the lyrics as a lonely chapter in life.”
Static” (K. Brandt/J. Conoly) due Friday, November, 26
An electric pop dance tune with a pulsating beat, “Static” is an undeniable “all eyes on you” attention-getter.
“Best Of Me” (Kelley Edwards/Edward Croker/Danni Ri Croker) due Friday, December 10
Graciela’s echoing vocals roar with courage and ring like a hymn that marches with synth beats. The storyline defies weakness “like a hurricane.”
“This tune is about not letting circumstances, or individuals, get the best of you, having the courage to say so and standing up for who you know yourself to be.”
Characterized by Graciela’s sensitive and mature introspection, her devotion to use her voice to share words of encouragement, and her bright and insightful perspective with others, the tracks will be available via all digital retail outlets and streaming platforms on November 12, November 26 and December 10, respectively. “Diamond In The Rain” Pre-sale/Pre-save event is ACTIVE NOW (Pre-Save “Diamond In The Rain”); distribution by Ed Gertler/Digital Retail Services.
Graciela is currently in the studio with GRAMMY-winning producer, Jimmy Hoyson, recording tracks for her sophomore recording project anticipated in early 2022.
Dreams begin early for most everyone; but it takes passion, belief and determination to turn a dream into a reality. … and Graciela is not “most everyone.” Gracie is a visionary who possesses natural talent and a drive that is far beyond her years. Her insightful perspective and heart are qualities that will set her apart in her journey to achieve her goals.
The 14-year-old military daughter has spent her childhood dividing time between the family homes; spending the school year at the farm in Pittsburgh, PA, and summer break, vacations and holidays in Destin, Florida. Gracie has developed a genuine appreciation for both cultures and the varied lifestyles have shaped her “breath of fresh air” outlook.
With siblings who struggle with disabilities, the aspiring young visionary hopes to become a role model for the disadvantaged.
Gracie’s desire to use her voice to “move” the listener is uplifting. She is committed to study her craft—driven to become an entertainer both as a confident, compelling vocalist and proficient instrumentalist. At just six-years-old, she began to learn piano; today with a daily two-hour practice regimen, Gracie aspires to follow in the footsteps of her musical influences (Adele, Freddy Mercury, Lady Gaga and Elton John).
Graciela has performed at local festivals, charity events, church recitals and in talent shows. She was named “Rising Star” by the Women Who Rock organization and awarded the opportunity to perform as support act at the 2021 Women Who Rock concert event.
A blossoming artist with a desire to portray emotion with verve, Graciela’s personal introspect is deeply contemplative and conversely complimented by her energetic and sassy personality. The combination makes for a musical expression all her own and a wide-open canvas to dream BIG and SEIZE THE DAY!