Take a Trip to the Past with Kayla Williams’s new single Stealing from My Youth

Take a trip to the past with Kayla William’s new single titled Stealing from My Youth! Kayla Williams sends chills down your soul with her crowd pleasing singing in the new single. Stealing from My Youth takes you into a room filled with books where you make a choice of which one to read. Once chosen, you sit down on a couch by a fire filled chimney to glance at those pictured moments from the past. Those moments are memories that will live throughout your life as you remember the good times. Kayla Williams gives you that opportunity to take that stroll through memory lane with her latest single titled Stealing from My Youth. I enjoy how powerful her voice gets throughout the song which highlights the story deep within in her lyrics.

watch here:


Kayla Williams is an Alberta-based singer/songwriter whose sound is characterized by catchy melodies and full harmonies, layered over a backdrop reminiscent of decades past, pulling from the ’60s to the ’80s. Her love of oldies music is represented by her soulful vocals and thoughtful lyrics, while modern influences are clear in her songwriting.


Her new single “Stealing From My Youth” was recorded with JUNO Award winning producer, Spencer Cheyne (Jocelyn Alice, Brett Kissel). “I wrote this song in the midst of the chaos when we were mostly housebound,” says Williams. “In many ways, not being able to live life ‘normally’ felt like there were days being taken from me, like the pandemic was stealing from my youth.”